Go for Elevens fo iOS


Go 4 Elevens for iOS

You asked for it, and now it's coming!

TimWin's Game Suite is coming to your Apple device. Soon both the iPhone and iPad will support these exciting games. Based on its' popularity the first game introduced was Rush to 21! and is available now in the AppStore (search for TimWins GameSuite). Click here for more information on this exciting game of fast-paced Blackjack.

Coming next is Tri-Peaks - another exciting and fast paced solitaire game in which you race to clear a playing field deck by selecting cards that create series of runs.


Go for Elevens Objectives:

As with most games, the object of Go for Elevens is to attain the highest number of points possible. The game consists of two rounds, each lasting 90 seconds. If you earn a combined total of 80,000 or above in these rounds you are awarded an additional bonus round. You earn points in several ways:


Cards totaling Eleven: Selecting exposed cards that total eleven. You are awarded 1000 points for each combination of 11's you select. These points are awarded at the end of each round. When selecting cards, each card is worth its face value, aces are worth 1. The deck consists of 52 cards; 16 Aces, 4 of each card 2 thru 10 and no face cards.


Completion Bonus: If you clear all of the exposed cards (upper deck) you are awarded an additional 10,000 points. Exposed cards are those in the upper playing area. When you complete the upper deck you are also awarded an additional 1,000 points for each card remaining in the deck. Consequently it is to your advantage to clear the upper deck as quickly as possible.


Time Bonus: You are awarded 100 points for each second remaining in the round after selecting the 'Take Score' command button.


Creating Eleven Combinations: When you are selecting cards to create an '11' combination, the location of the selected cards determines points awarded when 11 is reached. The 'Field cards' (upper deck) are displayed in 6 tiers. Selected cards from tier one (the bottom one) are worth 100 points, cards in tier two are worth 200 and so on to tier six which are worth 600 points. The points awarded for cards selected from the deck vary with the number of cards remaining in the upper playing area. A card selected from the deck is worth the same number of points as the deepest card used in the upper playing field. For example, if there are no cards remaining in tier one, and one card has been removed from tier two, the value of the deck card is 200 points (since the first available open card is in tier two). If all cards have been used from tier one and no cards have been used from tier two, the deck card is worth 100 points.


If you select a card from the deck and there are empty spaces in the upper playing area, the current play card will be pushed to the upper playing area. When this happens your score is reduced by the number of points scored by that tier. For example, if you have cleared tiers one and two, and you have cleared two cards from tier three, taking a new card from deck will move the current Up Card to tier three. This will cost you 300 points.



The clock does not start until you have created your first 11 combination. Use this to your advantage by studying the underlying card layout. Look for 11 combinations which will become exposed in the early part of the game. Also, clear the upper deck early! The number of points gained by clearing the upper deck is much greater the sooner you accomplish it. This is because of the 1,000 point Card Bonus awarded for each card remaining in the deck.

The game puts a strong emphasis on clearing all of the exposed cards (upper deck). It is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to reach the bonus round unless you clear the upper deck in at least one of the first two rounds.


Introducing the Go for Elevens Game Interface:

Before playing the game it is helpful to become familiar with the Go for Elevens interface. Some key components of the game are described below (note that the layout may vary slightly depending on your device):



Other Game Features:

  1. Each time you create an Eleven combination the selected cards are automatically cleared.

  2. You can Quit the game at any time by touching the gear icon in the upper left hand corner of the game interface and choosing "End Game and Submit Score".

  3. If you have no legal moves remaining, touching the Take Score label will end the round and award points earned during that round.

  4. At the conclusion of each game a high score list will be presented allowing you to see how you rank among other players of the game. This list may be cleared as desired.

Do you want to be a Beta Tester?

If you are interested in becoming a Beta Tester for the iOS version you will need to be running iOS 8.1 or higher on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device. The version of iOS can be determined by tapping the Settings icon from the home screen and selecting General > About, and checking the version entry that appears. If you are running an appropriate version, send your e-mail address used on the device to GameSuite@timwin.org and state you would like to test the games. Once the e-mail is processed you will receive an e-mail from the iTunes Store. Open that e-mail on the iPhone or iPad and tap the link in the e-mail to open the game in TestFlight. Tapping that link will install TestFlight if it is not already installed. The user can then use the TestFlight application to download the game and start playing it. All suggestions, bugs or other comments should go to GameSuite@timwin.org