Sober Times

Click the link below to download and install "Sober Times". This tool for the recovering addict or alcoholic includes a daily meditation and prayer, tools for developing a fourth and eighth step, plus a digital copy of the 3rd Edition of the Big Book Alcoholics Anonymous. This digital copy may be be edited to include personal notes and highlights of special passages. In addition, Sober Times includes a real time 'Sobriety' clock which displays the length of your sobriety (no more adding all those numbers in your head!).


Now, what would you pay for an incredible tool like this? $10.00? $20.00? Well here is the best part...it's absolutely free! So download and install Sober Times now while it lasts.


Click Me to Download Sober Times!

Below is a screen shot of Sober Times main window

If you have comment or suggestions you can contact the author of Sober Times at TimWin@MSN..com

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