Water Shots   




Alan and Geof get into a water fight


Alan gets soaked


Alan with his mouth open, probably giving someone a bunch of @#$%!


Andrew looking cool!


Bassam and Charlie


Bassam and Charlie again




Water fight


Andy and Salome


Another group floating by

Geof is soaked


Julie bears the brunt of Geof's attack.


Julie, Laurie and Geof


Sarah and Käryn


Sarah's legs and Käryn. Andrew, Steve and Lois in the background.


Rigel and Lynda


Lynda and Rigel


Full moons rise over the Yakima!


Mora wants to take a dip


More water fights


Sarah and Käryn with Jennifer and Robert in the background.


Sarah prepares to wage war.


View of the river

Another river shot


Lower canyon


Tim and Amber


Robert, Tim and Jennifer

Zoe and Zuess go for a drink


Robert and Jennifer drinking wine